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My Stunning! Story

Fashion  + Accessories & Then Some...

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Mandy Gosewich is a fourth-generation retailer in Ottawa’s infamous ByWard Market. Following proudly in her family’s footsteps, she grew up in a family of retailers who stared in the early 1900's, including the legendary Ritchies Sports Shop and iconic Next to Nothing Lingerie. 

Mandy comes by her sense of retail with years of experience which makes what she does look effortless. It’s clear to all that enter her tiny shop that she is a seasoned pro at styling and curating unique and eclectic merchandise with her carefully trained eye. Her Boho Glam and creative style are showcased within the small space that will keep your eyes dancing about as if you entered a fashion + accessories boudoir.

Before Mandy was busy making the most of 329 square feet, she spent many years on the road, based out of Toronto, as a fashion accessory wholesale road warrior for eastern and northern Ontario. Over the course of 40 years plus Gosewich navigated the fashion and accessory industry long before her brainchild STUNNING! came to life in spring 2013.

Not shy of hard work, ethics instilled in her by her parents, her extensive career included working for world-class retailer Holt Renfrew’s prestigious flagship store in Toronto, and for other luxury labels such as Escada and Emporio Armani. She continued to thrive in all aspects of retail working for different companies then learning the ropes of wholesale, manufacturing, sales and marketing, product and development, account executive, product placement, PR, working in and on television, movie sets and commercials.


Returning to Ottawa in the late 2000s, she found herself working for Ottawa based breakthrough beauty brand, Fusion Beauty, based out of New York City. Mandy was responsible for the 5 boroughs as a Product Educator. She also assisted in opening up the first Michael Kors and worked for small boutiques but then it came time...

It was time for her to be her brand, doing it herself, for herself.

Mandy’s bold approach to style and successful history in the industry is evident in everything she does. STUNNING! Fashion + Accessories is steeped in Mandy’s personal history. With endearing photos and items from family and friends and items she’s collected from travels and fun times covering the York Street space, Mandy welcomes you into her personal boudoir - at least that's how it feels. She’ll outfit you in things you would have never chosen for yourself, encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and yet somehow, you’ll leave feeling more yourself than you have in years. 

Sashay just 23 steps off Sussex Drive onto the iconic York Street and spot STUNNING! Fashion + Accessories nestled in the heart of the Nation's Capital - The ByWard Market. This is where Mandy works, lives, laughs, and sometimes cries. Following closely behind is her Assistant in Customer Service and Security, Pearl, the blonde Cockapoo. She will greet you at the silver gates and lead you into Mandy’s world and gift for sharing her personal style. Oh, and be prepared to laugh. She makes shopping so much fun! 

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