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Open Knit Long Cardigan Hot Pink

Open Knit Long Cardigan Hot Pink

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It's perfect for hiding your arms. I love this cardigan and I hate my arms. Which is why I stock pieces like this. The open knit is awesome for summer and the coverage is perfect for my old lady arms. Plus it adds depth to any outfit by creating layers.

Wear it with a simple black tank dress, some sandals, and some fabulous jewelry for your sitting-on-a-patio-after-work look. Over jeans and a t-shirt to JÚS up a classic look. There are so many possibilities. 

The Details 

HOT Pink. Like you'll be hot - not in the weather sense - in this color. 

One Size Fits All


Sleeves to above the elbow

No closure (but you could close it with a broach or a pin)

A luxurious mix of cotton and acrylic for easy care
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