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Speak #STUNNING : A note on seasonal fashion

Fall fashion...more than just cosy sweaters

When we consider fall fashion, all the usual suspects creep in. Cosy sweaters, socks, scarves and little leather booties, oh my! There's an absolute harmony that these items exist in that I wouldn’t dare upset - simply a polite cute suggestion to spice it up. In comes Stunning! Mandy has always had a firm grip on well-loved classics, like cocktail rings, statement necklaces, dangly earrings and pearls but she also has a unique ethos of personal style that we can all learn something from.  

Nailing down your personal style

When I first worked for Mandy I was struggling to nail down my personal style. Cut to 5 years later and she’s ruined me, and my future searches for apartments will always start at the available closet space. Being in Stunning! a few days a week was enough for me to begin reconsidering my personal style and really exploring who I am and how I want to present myself to the world. Did I prefer a pack of constellation mini studs and shaggy hair vs a statement earring with a tight bun? Well, here is both the best and laziest answer, depends on the season!

Fashion for every season  

In the winter, I tend to accessorize with unique buttery leather gloves or a cute hat (which we have plenty of come November, don’t worry). Spring brings brighter coloured statement earrings, more arm candy and a penchant for standout necklaces. Summer kicks me into goddess mode, gold layered necklaces, gold earrings and a pearl lariat anklets. And finally, Fall… the apex season for style. Cool hats, deliciously soft cardigansunique hoops and loungewear that makes you happy to be home or in a pumpkin patch somewhere east of Orleans. 

Fall - a time to double-down on feeling good

Fall is the perfect time to double down on things that make you feel good. Our instinct already during September through November is to curl up, maybe watch some Ru Paul’s drag race & enjoy a tea on the couch. But if we’re already home, will it feel as good to STAY home? Even with that delightful crushed leaf smell in the air, the instinct to throw on those same old black leggings and retire to a bottle of bubbles can be overwhelming. I’m here to present you with some other options.

Dressing with purpose

When Mandy and I chatted last week, we chatted about the value of getting dressed. The absolute necessity of it exists within the two of us and I’m sure many others, to just put together a look even if nobody will see it, even if only for you. We both talked about the inherent byproduct of this pandemic, the home-style rut. 

This also is not to say that putting together an outfit is a sure-fire way to feel like the world is not on fire because, sorry, it is, no amount of plush jogger sets will change that. However, they might make it a little more fun.

Work from home fashion

We brought in the MarloMarly and Zoe tie-dye sets because Mandy thought everybody could use a little more joy in their home lives, especially those folks working from home! They're not only a statement piece that will have you showered in compliments everywhere you go (trust me, we did the field testing) but they're also made of the uber-soft cotton poly mix. If you’re dipping your toe in the tie-dye pond for the first time in a WHILE, no worries, we have some chill colours. For those who want to be tie-dyed and proud, we’ve got you covered too, in cobalt. 

If a tie-dye sweatsuit isn’t exactly your idea of a good time, it's cool. We've got a whole shop ready to deck you out in whatever makes YOU feel good and the most like yourself, because, at the end of the day, that's what style is about. What feels good to you, what makes you feel the most yourself and feeling #STUNNING, whatever that is.

Thanks for reading and if you want to be kept in the loop, visit us on Instagram!


 "Mandy Sez" this about Stunning!

I take pride in extending warmth to all new and loyal clients who walk through the gates of my shop. I want my clients to have a relaxed, enjoyable, fun and real shopping experience. I want people to feel like they are walking into a boudoir of clothing and accessories. Everything you see is my own style with little touches of home.


STUNNING! really is a little shop with a plethora of unique, iconic, eclectic and styling fashion and accessories. I love being in the heart of Ottawa's ByWard Market where the vibe is fun and energetic.


Keep 😷 Safe + Healthy + of course Stunning! 💕

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Hi Mandy. I had the greatest luck and pleasure to meet you on Saturday before I had to head back to the hotel to grab my luggage and catch my flight back to Toronto. I’m so glad that I found your shop……and you! I love your style and the wonderful warmth that you extended to me as soon as I walked in the door. I’m hooked on your shop now and I’ve been exploring your website since I got back. So now I’ve placed an online order, including the pink t-shirt dress that I tried on while I was there. I wonder if you might still have the scarf that you’re wearing in the pic on your website of that dress? If you do let me know and I’ll add that to the order. I just love the white denim jacket, the black, white and ivory dress and the grey and white crew neck sweater that I bought on Saturday. If I lived in Ottawa I can see that I’d spend a lot of time at your shop! All the very best to you and little Pearl! I can’t wait to visit you again the next time I’m in Ottawa!

Carole Allen

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